Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love is a Four Letter Word- WIP it Up Wednesday

At this point I feel like a big old cheater because I am still not sharing a WIP this week. In my defense I am working on such a work in progress that it barely makes sense to me right now, never mind sharing it. So just consider yourselves lucky!

I am still excited to post for WIP Up Wednesday and Melody Parks is nice enough to let us share from Works, that are no longer in progress.

This is from my book Call Me Yours, I've been sharing snippets over the weeks so you might be familiar with Caitlin and Simon by now. At this point in the story they have had a huge argument over Caitlin being a phone sex operator, Simon told her he didn't want her whoring herself out. So she retaliated by going out and getting drunk with her best friend Amanda and then ended up dancing on the bar, where guys were throwing money at her.

At this point Simon has decided it's time for Caitlin to go home:

"Put me down!" she shrieked the moment they were outside and he could hear her over the music.

He dumped her on her feet, then stuck his arm out to steady her as she careened sideways. She was more drunk than he anticipated.

Ben and Amanda were a few feet down the sidewalk. Amanda was giggling as his brother leaned in close to her.

He rolled his eyes and redirected his attention back to Caitlin. She tried to stumble away, but tripped on her heels. She placed her hand on his shoulder and kicked her shoes off, leaving them abandoned in the middle of the sidewalk. She took off at a fast pace down the block.

"Where are you going?" he called after her.

"I parked down this way!" she yelled back.

"Get in my car and stop being ridiculous," Simon warned as he steered her toward his passenger door.

"You're not the boss of me!" She landed a kick to his shin and he was grateful she was still barefoot, her toes would hurt more than his shin did in the morning.

He opened the car and pushed her inside, placing a hand on her head so she didn't bump it, then he reached across her and snapped her seat belt in place. He slammed the door shut and took her purse from Amanda.

Amanda and Ben said goodbye to him and wished him luck. He said nothing as he tossed her purse into the back seat and buckled his seatbelt.

Caitlin slumped in the passenger seat and he glanced over to see if she was awake.

"Did Ben call you?" she asked.

"Yeah, he thought he would need help getting you both out of there," Simon answered as he pulled his car onto the road.

"Snitch," she said.

"How much did you drink, Cait?" he asked.

She shrugged and shook her head. Then she leaned back on the headrest and shut her eyes. "I'm not a whore," she mumbled.

"Dancing on a bar and letting guys throw dollar bills at you was a really good way of convincing the world of that fact," he spat out. He was angry and jealous. Anyone of those guys could have taken her home tonight if Ben hadn't shown up and called him.

"God!" she yelled in frustration. "Just shut up! I can't believe I let myself fall in love with you!"

Simon's head snapped around to look at her again, "What did you say?"

"I said, 'shut up'!" she yelled at him.

"No, the other part. Did you say you fell in love with me?" Simon trained his eyes back on the road as Caitlin let out a frustrated sigh. She didn't answer his question and they both sat in silence as he steered them toward home.

Caitlin comes from a privileged upbringing and has the reputation of being a bratty, spoiled princess. Her father cuts her off financially when she refuses to enter law school. Now she needs to figure out a way to make it on her own, with no help from anyone. When her friend mentions taking on a job as a phone sex operator, Caitlin has her misgivings, but when her rent gets hiked and her bills start piling up she figures she has nothing to lose.

Simon is the boy next door, literally. He's a few years older than the recent college grad and he has no time for immature girls who don't take life seriously-- especially ones full of sass. But when Simon finds Caitlin in a dangerous situation he is not above rescuing her, then scolding her, and threatening her with a spanking.

Despite his old-fashioned ways, Caitlin is head over heels for Simon, and the feeling is mutual. Can she come to terms with Simon's methods for dealing with disobedience? Can Simon curb his high-handed ways enough to not lose the girl he is hopelessly falling in love with?

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  1. lol - "I said shut up" - no she didn't - fast thinking on her part.

  2. This was a really fun excerpt, Casey.
    I wonder what she's going to think of herself in the morning and if she'll remember saying she fell in love with Simon.
    Regardless, I think she's going to pay for dancing on the bar and get drunk off her ass.
    Excellent excerpt. ☺

  3. Great exchange between them ... and, oh yeah, I'm guessing she's in BIG trouble. Just guessing, of course ;)