Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Talking Her Way Out of a Spanking-- Call Me Yours

And here we are again! It's Wednesday which means it's WIP It Up Day!!

Again, I am not sharing a snippet for a WIP... I am having words with my current WIP so let's not go there. Instead let's take a look at a scene from a book that was once a WIP but is no longer, it has sprouted it's wings and blossomed into a full fledged novella :)

Call Me Yours is the story of two people falling in love, with a little phone sex and spankings thrown in. Oh, and regular sex too, it's not just all on the phone!

At this point in the story Simon was upset with something Caitlin had hid from him and he had promised retribution... in the form of a spanking. He also already decreed that she could not wear panties until further notice, she is not okay with either of these things.

She reached into a laundry basket, that she assumed were clean clothes, and rustled through until she found a pair of underwear. She was about to slip them on when Simon grabbed her wrist.

"Absolutely not, I was serious about what I said," he told her.

"What?" she asked, and looked back at him in shock. "You cannot be serious. You can't tell me that I'm not allowed to wear underwear."

"I'm pretty sure I can," he answered, with a look so smug she wanted to smack it right off his face. He tugged on her arm and pulled her into the bed beside him.

"What do you supposed you'll accomplish with that?" she wondered out loud.

"For one, it wouldn't kill you to learn how to follow directions, even if it is something as meaningless as your underwear."

She pulled her wrist from his grasp and folded her arms. Meaningless to him maybe, but going commando could prove to be an uncomfortable addition to her day to day life.

"And secondly, I sort of like knowing that you'll be readily available to me, whenever I want," he wiggled his eyebrows at her and leaned his head in.

She pushed him away, still annoyed at him telling her what to do, and worried about this apparent spanking, "I told you, I'm tired."

"Alright then," he said, pulling the covers back and guiding her under them. "We'll just go to sleep."

She tried to get comfortable as he wrapped his arms around her and spooned her from behind, but where as other nights she found his presence comforting, tonight it felt suffocating.

As she let out a sigh and rotated her pillow again, punching it to redistribute the stuffing, Simon propped up on his elbow and looked at her.

"So, you being so tired had nothing to do with my earlier warning that I was going to spank you, right?"

"Hmm?" she feigned innocence. "Oh, I had completely forgotten about that."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess the sunshine and the alcohol and good time took a toll on me. I'm just so tired, and forgot you had even said that."

Simon's eyes never left her face, there was a streetlight outside her window, lighting her room enough that they could clearly make out each other's features.

"You're a terrible liar," he told her, and then kissed the tip of her nose.

She let out a hrumph and flopped back onto her pillow.

Caitlin comes from a privileged upbringing and has the reputation of being a bratty, spoiled princess. Her father cuts her off financially when she refuses to enter law school. Now she needs to figure out a way to make it on her own, with no help from anyone. When her friend mentions taking on a job as a phone sex operator, Caitlin has her misgivings, but when her rent gets hiked and her bills start piling up she figures she has nothing to lose.

Simon is the boy next door, literally. He's a few years older than the recent college grad and he has no time for immature girls who don't take life seriously-- especially ones full of sass. But when Simon finds Caitlin in a dangerous situation he is not above rescuing her, then scolding her, and threatening her with a spanking.

Despite his old-fashioned ways, Caitlin is head over heels for Simon, and the feeling is mutual. Can she come to terms with Simon's methods for dealing with disobedience? Can Simon curb his high-handed ways enough to not lose the girl he is hopelessly falling in love with?

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  1. I have a feeling that spanking she just got away with is going to happen soon ... just a guess :) Nice one, Casey.

  2. I love your introduction to this post. "This was once a WIP, but has sprouted it's wings and became a novella." :-) It sounds like someone is going to be getting a spanking no matter how "tired" they are. Great snippet!

  3. He sounds like one masterful guy ,,, and I agree with the others - someone is going to get a spanking!

  4. hehe Caitlin sounds absolutely adorably spoiled :D

  5. Casey, what a tease you are. I have to know. Does she get that spanking that night, or does he wait until morning?
    I'm hoping it's that night. ☺
    Great Excerpt.