Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Update: Untagged!

As a rule, I have a pretty long fuse. I can roll with the punches. I can look at the bright side- I usually wear my rose-colored glasses. 

So when something does set me off enough- it can be almost scary. Such was the case Tuesday when I was stuck in "Adult Content Tagged Hell" and I felt like no one was listening.

But now that I have ranted and raved; slammed my fists, used lots of choice language, and chugged beers in a rather un-ladylike manner- it seems someone over at Amazon listened to my rational request to reconsider their tag of my book.

This blog post by Selena Kitt was super helpful. I would suggest any indie author ready to self pub their book check it out first. I ended up changing my category, changing my blurb a little, and then emailing the email address from her post.

I have gotten word that I was re-evaluated and the tag was being removed!

I still don't like the feeling of being censored. And I am still a little worried that A Taste of Discipline may have lost momentum. But I am going back to my glass is half full, looking on the bright side, everything happens for a reason outlook and just letting it go (I will let Mr. McKay complain about the injustice of it all enough for both of us).

So, happy things! Out of the "Adult Content Dungeon" (which is not at all as sexy as it sounds), and onward and upward!

I just felt like I needed to update and needed to give a little equal time to the good as well as the ranting.

To all you indie author- self pubbers: Be safe out there! Don't get targeted.


  1. That's brilliant. Welcome back, blinking, into the daylight.

    I thought the article was super-helpful too

  2. Thanks, Casey. Your experience and information helped me. I rewrote my blurb because of it (although Loose Id had already changed it). That link you provided to the "rules" is excellent.

  3. One of the things I always said when I wrote to get the tag removed was that my content was no more explicit than 50 SOG. It seems to have worked.