Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Secret to Marital Bliss

The other night Mr. McKay was making dinner and it needed some time to cook. I was starving so I made us salads and then sat down to watch Jeopardy. I love Jeopardy. Mostly I like yelling random locations at the television during geography categories (that are seldom correct) and sweeping pop culture categories like it's my damn job. 

The show just started and I'm shoving fork fulls of lettuce into my mouth like a starved animal when the news breaks in with a special weather report. Apparently, there was a tornado warning in the next county over. Ok, good to know. It didn't affect us, but I understand the necessity.

Then they start going on and on. And there's a radar map. And there are 2 weather people now discussing it. And they zoom in on the map. Also, do you know what kind of weather conditions create a tornado? I do now.
Slightly annoyed and keeping an eye on the clock, I'm completely cognizant of how much of Jeopardy this is taking up and I say to Mr. McKay, "Really? By the time they finish their very detailed report the tornado will have hit and be done with."

We're normally on the same page so I anticipate his agreement. Instead, he kind of makes a face and says, "They're warning people. It's important."

Now I'm annoyed at him for not validating my annoyance and I'm like, "But this seems like an extra long report. They're not usually this long. Why do we need radar of the storm and an education about how tornados form?"

He very calmly says, "Because it's news." And rolls his eyes. Then adds, "You're very serious about Jeopardy tonight."

He switched the station to another feed which didn't have a tornado warning and I watched the rest of Jeopardy and finished my salad. I felt less annoyed the closer I got to the bottom of the bowl.

We're married 9 years this week and I'm wondering if half the secret to marital bliss is navigating your wife's emotions when she's hangry. Maybe it's just the secret to being married to me... keep me fed and I'm much less feral!

(Also, there were no reports of tornadoes. So at least I don't look like a callous asshole. On the bright side, if Jeopardy ever has a category on tornados I'm going to outscore those smarty pants on the show.)


  1. Happy anniversary. Jeopardy is big in our house too. A long interruption wit non-emergency details would be annoying EL

  2. HeeHee
    True love...
    yet, that's gobbled-up in 11.73ish bites.
    What's the Truest Love is what you'll
    find on me blogOramma.
    God bless you.