Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flogging Fantastic! #sextoys

You know you are doing something right with your life when you get an email offering you a free sex toy.

The UK based company Bondage Bunnies emailed me to see if I would give an honest review in exchange for something from their site. Being an author, I know all about trying to get reviews, so of course I would help. It's work after all ;)

The nice woman who contacted me asked if I had a preference for what I would be receiving. I told her to surprise me, which immediately after hitting send on that email I started to have second thoughts. Who tells someone to surprise them when talking about sex toys? What if she sent me something completely out of my comfort zone?

The term "whip" had been thrown around and now I had images in my head of some harsh and scary single tailed whip that I wouldn't be able to tolerate. I told all of this to Mr. McKay and he just smiled at me. It was a disconcerting smile, I feared what that smile meant!

The thing is, we don't have a very extensive implement collection. Or I should say, we don't own many implements that we use. I have come to realize I might be a bit of a baby when it comes to spanking, or maybe it doesn't happen enough, but anything too harsh and I can't hack it. Most of the time it's just Mr. McKay's hand, and that is all I need (don't discount the harshness of that).

So when I got this in the mail I was equal parts excited and terrified:

It's silky smooth, soft leather tickles through your fingers, but I was worried about the impact. And it makes this whooshing noise when you swing it that is a little worrisome. I mean, I didn't think it was going to maim me, but I thought there was a distinct possibility I was going to hate every part of it.

I was pleasantly surprised! I came to find out that the flogger by itself on my back and ass was kind of relaxing. Without anything else going on, it made me want to close my eyes and drift off. (A warning: don't almost fall asleep during sexy times, it's frowned upon.)

After that, I got to feel what the flogger felt like on a freshly spanked ass. When your skin is already hot and stinging this definitely amps up the heat! Not to unbearable levels, but the ends of the tendrils leave a bit of a sting. 

My favorite part was that you can use this flogger on other areas. Lying on my back I got a little nervous when Mr. McKay aimed at my nipples, but again, I was surprised in a good way. The ends of the tendrils left enough of a bite to get me even more aroused, but it wasn't so much that I was flinching and turning away. 

I'm saving the best part for last. Let me tell, you have not lived until you've had your clit flogged. Again, I would not have sought this out or even thought I would have liked it. It seemed accidental to me at first. I was face up and Mr. McKay pushed my legs up and was getting the crease below my ass and the tops of my thighs and then all of a sudden it hit my clit. I let out a little shriek because I wasn't expecting it, but then I settled back in and parted my thighs a little more. He took the hint ;)

I was also informed it wasn't an accident to begin with. Always two steps ahead, that one.

In summation, I loved this flogger. Light enough to use on sensitive areas, but still leaving a sting when used after something more intense. I think it will become a regular character in our everyday arsenal. I just have to remember not to leave it in the living room—although it might pass as a cat toy ;)

You can find the House of Eros Light Flogger here! I'd recommend looking around the Bondage Bunnies site while you're there, they have lots to offer, I got lost in their lingerie section for a while.


  1. Oh Casey, you lucky thing! That seems like a nice toy to add to your arsenal
    love Jan, xx

  2. That sounds like a wonderful evening. And I am so jealous about you being approached to review spanky toys! Awesome gig. Ask them to send you a suede flogger next time.

    I totally get what you mean about floggings feeling like a relaxing massage. That's why I'm not so keen. I like my spankings meaner. ��

    And, you know, it *might* pass as a cat toy. My kitty has played with friends' floggers before. ("Played" in a non-kinky way obvs.)

    Really hope you get the chance to review more stuff soon. Loved reading your review and am off to check out the website.