Saturday, June 4, 2016

Squat Challenge Progress~ The Quest for the Perfect Ass

Since I am not participating in any kind of spanky author challenge for the month of June, I'm doing a squat challenge all on my own. Well, not on my own, Thianna D jumped on board!

Instead of blogging about it everyday, I'll be giving you some updates on my progress. A kind of squatting journal to be precise.

I'll also share with you what I learned about myself only four days in:

Day 1: Goal- 50 Squats

I've literally decided to do a squat challenge five minutes ago. I have to get to my day job in about 45 minutes. No time like the present! 50 squats? I got this. I'll do two sets of 25. I do this in the kitchen in my pajamas while my coffee is brewing.

One set of 25, pour a cup of coffee, take that delicious first sip... second set of 25.

End up being late to work. Because I always think I have more time than I do, like time to do 50 squats in my kitchen instead of getting into proper work clothes and running a brush through my hair.

I notice around my lunch break that my thighs are a little wobbly and my left hip hurts. Make mental note to make sure I am squatting correctly.

Day 2: Goal- 55 Squats

Again in the morning before work, in my kitchen. One set of 30 while my coffee was brewing and one set of 25 while I was straightening my hair.

Turns out I am squatting correctly I just have tight hips. 

Once again, late to work (3 minutes though, who's counting?).

Day 3: Goal- 60 Squats

It's Friday and the day job has completely kicked my ass this week. It's been total madness since the holiday on Monday and I have not left work on time any day this week (see why I don't stress so much about arriving late?).

No time to squat in the morning. I decide I may knock them out on my lunch break.

Turns out the breakroom has a weird smell (something like farts- I pray to all that is holy that I am wrong) and creepy coworker number 1 is sitting in there alone. I buy a bag of pretzels and spend 30 minutes in my car. No time for squats!

After work, I indulge in a short nap and then head down to the kitchen to make pasta salad for a roller derby potluck dinner. My feet and legs are aching from work, plus I have practice tonight. I decide four sets of 15 squats may be manageable. 

Success! I complete them while chopping vegetables and cheddar cheese, with mini rewards in between. 15 squats down, I eat a piece of cheese. Another set, some red pepper.

It wasn't pretty, mostly from end of the week and work day exhaustion. But they got done!

Day 4: Rest Day

I woke up feeling good and ready to knock out my squats for the day, but it's nice to have a rest. Instead, I am using some yoga stretches to open up my hips. This damn left hip does not like squatting.


I realized in writing this that most people probably don't exercise in their kitchen and I might be using food and coffee as motivation to get through an exercise routine. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but if it works for me, so does it matter?

Also, motivation from one's significant other is always nice. When Mr. McKay spies me in the kitchen doing my squats he'll yell things out like, "Yeah, tone that ass!"

He's a dork, but I love him. And really, any excuse for him to stare at my ass is a good one ;)


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