Wednesday, May 27, 2015

His Rebellious Queen~ WIP it Up!

I'm excited to be participating in WIP It Up today, I feel like I haven't done a WIP It Up post in ages and ages! I haven't had a new release since December, so it has been ages and ages I suppose.

Thanks to Melody Parks for hosting this fine blog hop, I always like to read the posts even when I'm not participating.

Today I have a snippet from an upcoming release called His Rebellious Queen. It's my first sci fi novel and I am pretty excited about it. I'm still working on the blurb but the basic rundown is Lyra is trying to settle into her new life on the planet of Dendera. She's also trying to settle into her new role as queen of a colony. Astor is trying to find the right blend of giving her her space, but also claiming her as his wife.

In this scene Lyra and Astor have just been arguing and she admits that she doesn't quite trust him yet, he is undeterred.

Walking over he switched the faucet on over the large porcelain tub in the corner of the spacious bathroom. As it filled he added lavender oil, she eyed him suspiciously, but sat where he had left her watching his every move. He pulled off his tunic and began shucking his pants. 
“Undress,” he told her.

Tucking her hands under her legs, she shook her head, “I don't feel like a bath. I need to get that device—”

“Undress,” he repeated, not in an unkind way, but he raised his eyebrows and held her stare until her hands moved to the fastenings on her dress. Once disrobed he beckoned her forward, his eyes lingering on her breasts. Her nipples hardened as if sensing his predatory gaze.

Guiding her into the tub he sat behind her and drew her back to lean against his naked chest. She folded her arms across her chest, covering herself as if she wished to cocoon herself away. Pulling at her arms he placed her hands on either side of the tub's ledge. Picking up a soft sponge, he squeezed some soap onto it and began at her breast bone, he left a path of bubbles as he trailed across her chest, then dipping lower to caress her breasts.

They were silent for some time as he worked over her in a figure eight pattern, softly skating over each breast, leaving trails of tiny bubbles in his wake. She finally relaxed against him as he continued caressing her front under the guise of washing her. Losing the sponge altogether, he let it drift into the tub as his hand dipped below the water line. Her head lolled back against his shoulder and she let out a moan as his fingers skated over the light dusting of hair that decorated her sex. He was unused to the hair in this area. Cassian women did not have hair below their waists, at first he feared it was a neglect of hygiene. But Lyra kept herself neatly trimmed and groomed and he found he quite liked the friction the short stubble built up between them.

Now he scraped his fingernails against the hair growth and she crooned into his neck, lifting herself up from the bottom of the tub. He couldn't tell if she liked the action or if she was protesting his teasing of touching her everywhere but where she really ached for him. Bending her legs, she pressed her knees into either side of the tub and tried to thrust down on his fingers. He evaded her movements with a chuckle, giving her inner thigh a quick pinch for her trouble.

His laughter deepened when she let out a growl, that quickly became a pleading moan. “Please, Astor,” she whispered.

His Rebellious Queen will be available for purchase in the coming weeks so stay tuned and don't forget to visit all the other WIP It Uppers today :)


  1. There's nothing better than a lavender-oil bubble bath with a good man :)
    Great snippet!

  2. I love the relaxed tenderness in this snippet. Looking forward to more

  3. :) love the bit of world building within this scene :) and yup, I agree with Adaline- love bath scenes, wrote one myself recently :D

  4. Good gracious there's a lot of wet-n-slippery going on in this scene.
    I love Sci-Fi novels and know this is gonna be one hot read.
    More of Astor please, oh please, oh pretty, pretty please! ☺

  5. Great snippet -waiting to read more

  6. I both love and hate being teased. :) This is hot. I can't wait for the rest of the scene. :)

  7. Ooh I need to know what 'that device' is... sounds interesting! But I think she's being admirably distracted... I know I'd forget all about it with those hands upon me :)