Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Back on Track

       I was trying to decide what to post about today and thought maybe you would like to hear about the shenanigans I got up to with my husband over the weekend. A little background about me and my husband, we’ve been married about 3 ½ years, about 2 days after our wedding my husband found out he was getting laid off from his job. We’ve been in quite the financial slump since the beginning of our marriage, it could be extremely stressful at times, but I am happy to say I just feel lucky that he’s the one by my side. We’ve just been trying to hold it all together and still try to have some fun when we can.
      Last month my husband started a new job, we’ve both been adjusting to the new schedule and getting used to having less time together. Add to that an awful cold we’ve been passing back and forth between us and you can imagine that things have not really been all that sexy and spontaneous over here.
That brings us to Friday night, we’re laying on separate couches, watching a DVD (when did we turn into this boring married couple?); the movie comes to a close and I start collecting our ice cream dishes, dropping them off in the sink and switching off lights on my way back. “Ready to head upstairs?” I ask him. “Sure,” he says, but instead of getting up he grabs me by the hips and pulls me down on top of him, he gives me this slanted half smirk and heavy lidded gaze that has been making my panties wet since I met him in high school (does he know what that look does to me?). This is new, normally I am the instigator of any sexual situation (not surprising considering the amount of erotic novels on my e-reader), but it could just be that I don’t give my poor husband the chance to initiate anything because I am always jumping the gun. But now I have instantly gone from sleepy to horny and I am practically panting in anticipation.
      He hooks his thumbs into my pants, pulling my thong and yoga pants down in one deft move; I am gyrating against him, my fingers tugging on his hair as I pull him deeper into a kiss. The next thing I know, he has me pushed down across his lap in prime spanking position, and I start giggling (something I really try not to do, I feel like I shouldn’t be giggling at moments of high sexual tension, it makes me feel a lot less sexy). He starts spanking with his hand, and caressing where he’s just spanked, and now I’m moaning and arching, my arms flailing out. His hand wanders down to my clit and my moans get louder, he’s working a finger in and out of me while he rubs against my clit and I’m digging my nails into the couch cushion. Now he flips me over again so I am laying across his lap face up, this drives me a little higher because I love it when he is all in charge and tossing me around. My stinging cheeks are rubbing against the couch cushion, my legs are stretched out across him and he clamps a hand over my thigh to keep me in place, his other hand comes back down to my clit and at this point I am writhing. He brings me to climax as I scream and twist the back couch cushion in my fist, bringing it down on top of myself.  I lay there for a minute, catching my breathe, my husband smiling down at me. Then I pop up and spring into action, shedding the rest of my clothes, tearing at my husband’s until we are both naked. I sink to my knees in front of him and take is erect cock in my mouth. I’m steadying myself with my hands splayed on his thighs as I work him back and forth in my mouth. I feel doubly satisfied as he comes apart under my ministrations. Now I am very giggly as we clean up and head upstairs for real this time. I love that we’re getting back on track!


  1. Hot post, Casey! Welcome to blogland-- so great to have another spanking romance author around!


  2. Perhaps he got into your e-reader! Sounds very hot. Tell him you want more of that. :)

  3. Thanks for reading! I definitely let him know more of that would be fine :)